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LONDON MISSIONARY SOCIETY - The London Missionary Society's Report

LONDON MISSIONARY SOCIETY - The London Missionary Society's Report
of the Proceedings against the late Rev. J. Smith, of Demerara, Minister of the Gospel, who was tried under Martial Law, and condemned to death, on a charge of aiding and assisting in a rebellion of the negro slaves; from a full and correct copy, transmitted to England by Mr Smith's Counsel, and including the documentary evidence omitted in the Parliamentary Copy; with an Appendix containing the letters and statements of Mr and Mrs Smith, Mrs Elliot, Mr Arrindell, &c, and, also, the Society's Petition to the House of Commons. The whole published under the authority of the directors of the said society

London. Published by F. Westley (1824)
vii + 204pp. 1st ed., very clean in original blue boards, spine mostly chipped away.John Smith became known as 'the Demerara Martyr' and died in prison awaiting the result of an appeal in England.